Andrea Davila-Rubio (Spain, 1995) is a Visual Artist, formed between Pontevedra (SP), Bilbao (SP) and Boston (USA). In her recent sculptural work she investigates contemporary aesthetics on body and skin representations by young female sculptors. Her latest projects focus on skin as a fragile place of encounter with the other. From a feminist and post-colonial perspective, she looks at the history of science, psychology and art to understand how the concept of human body has changed over time depending on myths, ideas and subjectivity. With various metals, synthetic resins and texts her works explore the protective and hosting properties of human skin.
        Her work has been exhibited in different museums and institutions, such as the Museum of Pontevedra 2020 (SP), the Museum of Orense 2020 (SP), the Montehermoso Cultural Center 2018 (Vitoria, SP) and the Design College of La Rioja 2018 (SP) among others. She has given several conferences in different international institutions, museums and universities, such as Artium 2020 (Vitoria, SP) and the National Society of Fine Arts 2020 (Lisbon, PT). In 2020, she received one of the prestigious Fulbright Fellowships for her project Encountering the other: affections through touch and the Novos Valores 2020 (County Council of Pontevedra) award for her artwork I wish you’d rub your quills against my stomach, which is now part of its Public Art Collection.
            From 2019 she is pursuing a PhD in Contemporary Art at the University of Vigo (SP), where she is currently a Teacher Assistant on the BFA subject Sculpture and Installation Projects and a Researcher Assistant at the Art Research Group PRACE (Resistance Processes in Spanish Contemporary Art) thanks to a Predoctoral Fellowship.


2021 Fulbright Visiting Doctoral Researcher, Boston College, Boston (USA)
2019-current PhD Creation and Research in Contemporary Art, University of Vigo (SP)
2017-2018 MFA Research and Creation in Contemporary Art, University of the Basque Country (SP)
2013-2017 BFA Fine Arts, University of Vigo (SP)
2015-2016 International Mobility Program Erasmus+ Studies, George Enescu University of Arts (RO)


2020-current Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Predoctoral Fellow, University of Vigo (SP)
2018-2019 Writer in collaboration with the art research group AKMEKA, University of the Basque Country (SP)
2017-2018 Graduate Research Fellow, Sculpture Department, University of the Basque Country (SP)


2020-2021 Fulbright Fellowship - Galicia Regional Government, Creative and Performative Arts (USA)
2020 Art Contest Novos Valores, County Council of Pontevedra
2020 6th Biennial of Young Painting Cromática ‘Jury Award’, Cum Laude Foundation (SP)
2020-2023 Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Vigo (ES)
2019 Excellence Award for Students Starting PhD Studies, University of Vigo (ES)
2018 Grant for Artistic Production, Montehermoso Cultural Centre (SP)
2017-2018 Collaboration Fellowship in University Departments, Spanish Government (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports)


2020 SOLO EXHIBITION, Skin-deep, curated by Sergio Marey and Antía Carreira, Solaina Gallery, Lugo (SP) 
2020 Novos Valores, Museum of Pontevedra (SP)
2020 6th Biennial of Young Painting Cromática, Museum of Orense (SP)
2018 34th La Rioja Young Art Exhibition, Design College of La Rioja (SP)
2018 SOLO EXHIBITION, El eje tridimensional del lenguaje verbal, curated by Cristina Arrázola-Oñate, Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria (SP)
2018 8th Young Artists Encounter, Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela (SP)
2018 Exforma, University of Seville (SP)


2020 1st International Congress FADC (Fashion and Design Conference: Creation and Research), Museum of Pontevedra (SP)
2020 Conferences: from classrooms to public space, Artium Museum of Alava, Vitoria (SP)
2020 11th International Congress CSO (Criadores Sobre outras Obras), National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon (PT)
2019 8th Research Encounter, BilbaoArte Foundation, Bilbao (SP)


Davila Rubio, A. (2020). 'Text and word in Jaume Plensa's work: stage and costume design for opera and theatre', 1st International Congress Fashion and Design Conference: Creation and Research. Museum of Pontevedra, 2-3 October. Pontevedra: University of Vigo. pp. 273-280. ISBN 978-84-8158-854-5

Davila Rubio, A. (2020). Text and word in Jaume Plensa's sculptures and installation art, Estúdio, Artistas Sobre Outras Obras, 11 (31), 22-30. ISSN: 1647-6158

Davila, A., & Arrazola-Oñate, C. (curator). (2018). El eje tridimensional del lenguaje verbal oral: el pliegue tonal [exhibition catalogue]. Vitoria, Spain:
Vitoria-Gasteiz Council. ISBN: 978-84-96845-18-3


2020 County Council of Pontevedra (SP)
+34 634744265

Portfolio upon request